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Brains, positive psychology, and new frontiers of human development. Myth busting unrealistic views of sexuality. Eradicating body dissatisfaction. Thanks for listening!

Run Towards Discomfort

I went to bed at 8 pm last night, completely wracked with exhaustion. I attended a weekend long intensive training on intercultural issues. It was excellent, but man there were some FEELINGS in that room. Nobody welcomed the feelings. Nobody wanted to deal with the feelings. They were some how shameful. Bad. Uncomfortable. I thought so much last night about so many things. My mind was an 80 mile per hour hamster wheel. Before I passed out, the theme that emerged for me was the concept of discomfort. We have… Read more Run Towards Discomfort

Why, “Go for it,” Can Save Your Relationship

The Huffington Post published a great article: 5 Phrases The Happiest Couples Use To Stay Crazy In Love… Please pay attention to the last one especially. It reads: “GO FOR IT.” Supporting each other’s hopes and dreams is the key ingredient to any successful relationship. In order to do this you first must have a big conversation about exactly what your hopes and dreams look like and then be honest with yourself and your partner about whether or not you you can be supportive. Both my partner and I are… Read more Why, “Go for it,” Can Save Your Relationship